Friday, August 31, 2007

Sockapalooza Socks Arrived!

This will be double posted since this was my blog for Sockapalooza-

My socks arrived... all the way from Germany!

Julia knit Baudelaires from Regia Silk (oh-mi-gosh-is-this-yarn-amazingly-soft!!) They look fantastic and fit really well. I wish I could do more complicated patterns for socks. I may have to challenge myself more on the next pair. I have not taken them off since I put them on.

Today was a perfect day for this package- it was the last day of my job so I can focus on finding a job out of state. So G and I had already planned to go out for dinner and not stick to my diet. I rarely splurge with food since it knocks me off ketosis for a few days when I do. So it makes it harder for me to lose weight for a couple of days after the splurge. ... and inside her package was some chocolate. I can't even say when the last time I ate chocolate was. But since we had already splurged, I had half a bar. YUM.

And tomorrow? double cardio, extra situps and lots of veggies.

Thank you Julia!! These are perfect!

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Knitwise Cracker said...

Congrats!! My last day at my job was on Tuesday!! And my new job starts next Tuesday!! I'm glad you will splurge for dinner. You deserve it!