Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting organized...

This weekend has been all about organizing and looking ahead.

I love living simply. I tend to move quite often (every 2-3 years) so I use that time to re-evaluate and remove any extra 'Stuff' that just seems to collect on the shelves. I'm not a knick-knack sort of person... more of a clean, minimal aesthetic but in a comfortable way. And since I am hoping to move out of this area for a new position, I figured I would get started on packing/purging the items I am not currently using.

I cleaned up my resume and cover letter, and decided to apply for anything and everything that matched my qualifications. Instead of focusing on one state which I had been doing previously, I did it on a nationwide scale- and wow. I have enough job opportunities to keep me busy every night for a couple of weeks! As much as I'd like to stay within a specific region, finding the best job for me as soon as possible is more important.

I also packed up one large box of yarn I will not be using in the next 4-6 months, inventoried it and then sealed/stored it. Then I packed away my stash for the next 4-6 months into an under-the-bed plastic bin. Finally, I put my current projects into a small plastic tote. Tonight I'll be casting on for my baby sock for Afghan's for Afghans, and probably getting my Sock It to Me Pal's Sock started.

Next step is tackling my bookshelves and deciding what gets packed and what needs to be purged, a chore that I've been avoiding for years. Better to do it now than trying to juggle that and organize a move, though :)

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