Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Finished socks!

I have pictures of them cutely packaged but that would give away my Sockapalooza's Pal's name, so that will wait until they arrive. I had to mail them out today since they were still drying yesterday on the official mailout day.

Cherry Tree Hill Sport (Dusk colorway)
Needles: 2 pair size 3 Knitpicks classic circulars
Priscilla's Dream Socks out of Favorite Knits
Mods: my normal toes, garter short row heel

On these, I learned how to unknit a finished sock *groan* and how to finally do short heels! They are awfully squooshy but I could not figure out why the second one pooled differently... I knitted it from the center just like the first one was and tried to start it several times at different points.

Next on my to-do list... some major dyeing :) And socks for charity. Maybe this lonely baby sock can find its mate.


Elizabeth said...

Isn't Cherry Hill handpainted? That could explain the difference in pooling. Anyhow, cute socks! I bet your swap-partner will be really happy! said...

They look dyn-o-mite to me! And that baby sock--wow, the lucky baby who gets this pair will cry to outgrow them. ;^)

LaVerna said...

gorgeous!another lucky sock pal!