Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thank you.

I had possibly one of the worst days of my life today, and managed to hold it together until I left work about half an hour ago. I broke down and cried on the way home, and planned to take a hot bath and just go straight to bed.

I came in and found two packages waiting for me.
I'll take pictures tomorrow night when I'm a bit more clear headed.

One was from my scarf swap pal and she put together such a lush kit for me- super soft, deep red yarn to make "my so called scarf" and some fun yarn for a quick easy one. And Ghiradelli cocoa, with a cute mug and plate. It looks like a lot of fun! Thank you! I really appreciate it and the yarn you picked was gorgeous and so soft.

The second package was from Scout's Swag, with no note or anything identifying the sender. It had a specially dyed yarn called 'Needleplay' (and wonderfully squishy soft yarn it is) and the same sock blockers I have been coveting since they came out. (I had even looked at them today!) I was in shock. I still am. I have no idea who this package is from, and I hope that you let me know.

Thank you. I usually love getting gifts in the mail but today, of all days... you have no idea how touched I am. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

The package from Scouts Swag was from me. I read your post last week that you loved those sock blockers, so I thought they'd be just the thing!
Your Sockret Pal

Anonymous said...

PS I hope the gifts helped and that you are feeling better today.
Sockret Pal

The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Msy today be brighter and better. I had one of those days this week. It does improve. Know you are cared about and there are friends to lean on if need be. Always.

k said...

TGIF! The mental perk from the packages and a full night's sleep is making the stress easier to bear. I'll feel better after the weekend, I think some sleep and exercise is in order.

Thank you so much, Sockret Pal- and thank you for revealing it was you! That was driving me crazy trying to figure it out!

Lynn, as always you remind me of what's important. Thank you for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better and that the packages from your scarf swap pal and me helped!
It was really fun working with Scout to custom dye your yarn. I'd love to give her recognition for it on my blog, but I can't since my identity is still a secret to you.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!! Knit on.
- Your Sockret Pal