Sunday, February 18, 2007

Calling all sock knitters

Afghans for Afghans is trying to collect 250 pairs of hand-knit wool children's socks by March 7, 2007. As of today, they have 53 pairs.

Here's the details

They've recommended worsted weight wool to make a nice, thick sock, and have a few patterns to choose from. The children's range in ages 7-18 years, and some of the older children can wear a small adult size up to a women's large.

I'm trying so hard to focus on my February pair of socks for my Sockret Pal, but I might go ahead and knit up a child's pair of worsted weight socks out of Lamb's Pride from this pattern first and then finish up Sockret Pal socks.

I'd like to say I could finish both pairs before Feb. 28 but my final projects for both classes are starting to loom over me. 3 more weeks!!

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