Sunday, February 25, 2007

A lack of willpower (and goodies)

I found out this morning that one of the yarns on my "to try" list is being discontinued in the particular colorway I wanted (Trekking XXL, color 107). I finally decided I liked it enough to order it, and went shopping.

I feel a bit bad about my lack of willpower but I've wanted that colorway since I started knitting. So I'm terrible at sticking to a yarn diet with discontinued items.

I received some awesome packages yesterday, courtesy of the exchanges I'm doing on swapbot.

This is handdyed wool (Cascade Eco Wool) in absolutely gorgeous rose, creams and greens. It's perfect for spring- it reminds me of flowers and gardens. I don't have anything like this and I'm going to really think this over before I use it. Thank you, Paula!

I also received a package from Singapore (!!) for my international sassy sock yarn swap. My swap partner sent me some Patons Patonyle, which is incredibly soft and the colors are really pretty. I know I'll enjoy wearing these socks! Thank you, Chrissie!

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