Friday, February 16, 2007

Sock progress (or lack thereof)

Well, I was making good progress on my socks for my Sockret Pal, until I noticed an inch back there was this strange hole in the space between my two circulars. I counted my stitches on each needle and sure enough, I had picked up a stitch. I tried dropping the extra stitch down and re-knitting the side stitches. But then I had extra yarn there that looked like a ladder. So I unknit, very slowly, and finally got back to the row where it messed up.

At least I am learning how to recognize problems and fix them with these socks! I've done the heel twice and now this. But the end result looks pretty good... it was a bit tedious but I was worrying about doing a lifeline and then ripping it back. So now I have a few more inches to finish before starting the toe decreases. Hopefully I can still finish these in February for my Sock a Month KAL.

Sweet Georgia is going on hiatus. I've heard wonderful things about her yarns and had hoped to try them on one of my allotted shopping sprees but maybe this will let me put a dent in my stash until she returns.

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