Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pictures to come this evening...

I feel behind as I lost most of yesterday to working with Clinique to help them out during gift, and then heading to our local spa for a facial, chocolate massage and pedicure. I knit during the pedicure which I think threw off the pedicurist- I'm not one to dish with strangers but I think she was expecting to chatter with me through the whole thing (as it was there was someone there having a manicure, and I heard about every illness that struck the manicurist's family since January and someone complaining about their job non-stop).

But I wanted to relax and the knitting was perfect. It helped me tune out the other people, and relax I did! Plus I successfully turned the heel on my sockret pal sock.

This morning's been productive, though. I just finished filing my taxes and am heading out for a bit to shop and enjoy lunch with a friend. And then a quick photo session of my mail goodies before working on my homework this evening.


Cate said...

I also prefer to knit while I'm getting a pedicure, and it always seems to throw off the tech. But ... I don't care to share my personal life with strangers, so my choices are idle silence or knitting silence. :)

k said...

I was surprised how much it rattled her. If I hadn't brought the knitting, I suspect I would have fallen asleep :)

But my toes look so cute (although they smelled like chocolate for a few hours... I'm not sure I liked my feet smelling like food!)