Saturday, November 18, 2006

Double-O Yum

We just got back from watching the new James Bond and it was great! A little longer than I like... two and a half hours and I usually get antsy. But the pace kept up through most of the two and a half hours. I didn't have a problem with the new James Bond- he's brutal, gritty, ice-cold and charmismatic without being campy. I'm biased.... I have a soft spot for men who are very intense AND coolly reserved. Yum.

And I adore Dame Judi Dench :)

I have pictures of happy feet:
These are the berrylicious fuzzy feet I made for a friend of mine's b-day. The yarn was dyed just for her and I love how they turned out! I mailed them off to her with instructions on how to wash them so they would shrink for a custom fit.

We went to go see a band play a few weeks ago and I never really touched on it... G asked me if I wanted to see a show and I said sure, why not. He mentions it's a band with a side burlesque type show. Ok, that's fine. We get there, and I notice that the crowd at the venue is a bit older than I was expecting. Then he mentions it is surf music... which I normally don't listen to. So I'm adjusting to that little tidbit when I mention there's a man with a mask behind one of the speakers... and he gives me this: "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they all wear Mexican style wrestling masks." what? (Seriously, G should learn what 'disclosure' means).

The next thing I know... out they come in all black suits and different masks. With a Buddy Holly type guy and dancing girls. I was not even sure what to expect looking at the group up on stage but they were a LOT of fun!

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