Monday, November 06, 2006

Plotting and planning...

Mail's been good to me lately, but it goes both ways. I've been wrapping and planning up a storm for some upcoming swaps and super secret holiday gifts. I love planning gifts for other people. I have little lists tucked in my pockets, my purse, my desk at work, where I keep track of what would be perfect for who. I've been on a shopping kick the past couple of weeks and I think I am 95% done with all my swap and holiday shopping. I should definitely be done before Thanksgiving. Whew!

After that I will not tempt myself by looking for really good yarn sales. Not even the "too good to be true" ones.

I am so happy to have received some information about my mitt pal, and to have formulated a plan. I need to include a handbag project bag. I'm more of a fabric bag person as opposed to a felted bag... so my first thought was to sew a bag. I thought my lack of sewing skills (and sewing machine) would not be a problem... I can hand stitch well for small items.

But after browsing a LOT of patterns and realizing the amount of sewing involved (especially for it to look good), I realized it would need to be a knitted bag. And quite by accident, I found the perfect pattern!! I may have to even make me one- it's that cute. So all is good!

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The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Oohh... I'm envious. I have things made but no idea who will get them and I would love to make something fast and different. I'm hoping that the next project I attempt will be a fast workup so I can do 3 pairs as gifts for Christmas.

OK... *HOW* and *WHERE* do you find all these swaps?!? I found out about the chocolate swap a bit too late because I was busy with a different project. I may be in for a dishcloth swap next year when it starts again. But I can't ever seem to figure out how to search for them!