Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thank you, Secret Pal!

I was on a road trip for much of yesterday, but right before I left the mailman brought me a special package to my doorstep! It was gorgeously wrapped, with gifts nestled into tiny white boxes and a sweet card from my Secret Pal. Thank you, Secret Pal - you selected items that are really well suited to me. I appreciate it, so much!

My pal thoughtfully sent two skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky in white, ready for the dyepot. (I am so excited about this... I have the Fiber Trends pattern for felted clogs and have been wanting to make them for myself using LPBulky! Now if I can figure out what colors I'd like...)

There was also a pair of skeins of Lorna's Laces in Irving Park which were so soft and absolutely divine!! The colors were so striking- (I noticed there was burnt orange in the colorway... my Pal is going to entice me into wearing UT colors but the colors are so beautiful, I will wear them with pride!!) It will be a gorgeous pair of socks. I have not worked with Lorna's Laces yet but with the sport weight skein I received earlier, and this gorgeous duo, I cannot wait!

There were also some cute candles and a tiny incense burner, with some Lavendar incense sticks which I will probably try this afternoon. And some hand salve from Burt's Bees... I have such a hard time with my skin being dry in the winter- I should buy stock in a shea butter company. The salve felt wonderful on my dry hands- thank you!! I can tell this will provide some relief this winter.

Sock update:
Here's the sock to date but it's been so hard capturing the color in the right light. It's somewhere in the middle of the following two pictures.

I'm still doing decreases on the gusset and hope to make some serious headway today.

The hardest part will be casting on for the second sock in this yarn when I have some other tempting socks waiting in the wings. I'll have to finish the first one and immediately cast on the second one. (One of the good things about having a limited number of knitpicks classic circulars means only one pair of socks at a time).


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like everything! I didn't even notice the burnt orange in the sock yarn - honestly! I think it's funny that all you have is Lambs Pride Worsted, because all I have down here is Bulky. I have to drive 90 miles or so to find some worsted.
-Secret Pal

Helen in the UK said...

Love the colours in your current sock project. Great goodies from your SP too :)

k said...

All my Lamb's Pride is from ordering online or from swaps. I have two local yarn stores but they are fairly limited in what they sell. So this is a wonderful treat! I can't wait to try out the clog pattern, I've been holding into it for 6 months but I keep forgetting to order some Bulky.

Thank you!

And thank you, Helen, for the comments on the sock yarn color!