Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Upcoming projects

Goals for 2007:
Learn to do basic crochet, entrelac, basic lace and move beyond a basic stockinette sock

  1. Bag for my KMKS pal out of a gorgeous turquoise Cascade 220 (the one I'm needlefelting)
  2. Socks for my Sockret Pal
  3. Finish my dishclothes
  4. Finish up scarves in progress
  5. Finish a couple of dye projects I've been kicking around in my head...

  1. Pair of felted slippers for my sister, with extra comfy soles (Lamb's Pride)
  2. Fetching with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
  3. Cabled Footies from One Skein Book for me out of Lorna's Laces Worsted
  4. Nakiska out of some Classic Elite Lush
  5. Cold Weather Corset out of some hand painted yarn
  6. Wristwarmers out of Lorna's Sport Yarn that I won
  7. Branching Out with Silky Wool
  8. Mrs. Beeton (I decided on these today... a pair for myself, and possible gifts for a friend or two) I ordered the yarn today, now I just need to find the beads
  9. Assorted Dulaan/Afghans for Afghans knits
And I have several skeins of sock yarn just waiting... the gorgeous Lorna's Laces Bittersweet from my SP, and some yummy Socks That Rock that my Sockret Pal gifted me with (both of these skeins I admit, I pet occasionally) and a really pretty CTH Superglitz that I picked up that may end up being wristwarmers too. I've been saving them for a prettier pattern than just plain stockinette... Jaywalkers for the Lorna's Laces, I think... not sure about the STR but someone just gave me a great resource for free two circular sock patterns. I'm not sure why but I love buying sock yarn a LOT. Now I just need to learn how to knit them, in pairs, quickly!

Looking at my project list... I think I can handle the Knit from Stash without too many major withdrawals, at least for a while. Add in a few more pairs of socks and this may be my entire 2007 (I say that as if I don't get easily distracted and go tearing off on some tangent to try out something new with yarn from SPs and swaps).

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Anonymous said...

Those wrist warmers are GREAT! They are another reason I really need to start knitting. I got close to $100 in Michael's gift certificates for Christmas maybe that is what I should start investing in - is knitting supplies. I am just so scared I am not going to get it being left handed.

Another friend just made those by the way and she is making another pattern too and both were lovely! I thnk you will love them!