Monday, December 18, 2006

Too busy for words... (and 6 wierd things)

Or Saturday Sky pictures, apparently. I'll take two next time around. I'm lucky even to be posting this right now.

Work's busier than ever- you'd think that there would be a down time at some point but it seems that we save even more 'big projects' to do during the slow season so that the slow season is busier than the hectic season. (huh?) Add that to everyone else taking vacation and me trying to get everything done before they take off... and it's a lot of stress. I would not mind so much if I could just knit during my lunch hour but lately I've either worked through those or did homework.

School: I'm hitting the home stretch- it's all over on December 26th and I can finally take a breath. However, there's a final project due for one class and a not-exactly-minor project due for the other on that day so I am going to be burning the midnight oil so that I don't have to spend my holiday typing up media plans. They were interesting classes. I'm just ready for them to be done. now. I'll have a two week break before the next two start up again. It's a killer schedule but I'm thrilled to say I will have completed 9 grad classes in 2006 (out of 13) with (hopefully) a 3.9.

I did get a break this weekend and saw Charlotte's Web, which I loved. (yes, that was me sniffling in the backrow at the end). It was very well done. It was so funny to watch the previews for children's movies. I saw a preview for some strange Nancy Drew movie which made me feel unexpectedly sad, and every year of 35... it was not at all what I would have expected (think Clueless meets Mean Girls).

Which is a strange segway to the 6 Wierd Things Meme that's been making the rounds...
  1. I love children's books and still read them often when I'm in the mood for a touch of comfort. Favorites include Little Women, Anne of Green Gables series, Narnia Chronicles, Velveteen Rabbit.
  2. I always remove the jackets from my hardcover books and store them separately. I do not like reading a book with a jacket on at all.
  3. The time in my life when I felt the most beautiful when I shaved my head a few years ago. It's since grown back but I sometimes miss being bald.
  4. I always pick the magazine or book that is behind the front one. Especially magazines. The first ones are the ones people flip through and I prefer to have a brand new one instead of a 'used' one. Unfortunately, I am also a flipper so I realize this is a hypocritical quirk because I will readily flip through the front book/magazine, and then put it back and select a nice new one to buy.
  5. I love doing math by hand. I used to doodle, now I just calculate figures in meetings (which is very impressive to whoever is glancing over to see if I am taking notes and sees a page full of math instead my horrendous doodles).
  6. I have a terrible short term memory but I have an insane amount of useless 80s pop culture trivia (particularly music) stored in my head.
You're tagged.

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