Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sky...
A welcome change from all the grey thunderstorms and wind yesterday... we went from 75 degrees to 45 degrees in a matter of hours.

A BIG Thank You to my Sockret Pal, who sent me a lovely box of goodies this week- a skein of pretty Noro Kureyon, daily S&B Calendar, a fragrant candle, some yummy snacks and a book about olive oil which has some really interesting recipes. I've marked a couple of the recipes to try in the upcoming weeks. I've not been online enough to post a thank you to my pal to the blog... but it is very much appreciated.

Also, I got another surprise yesterday... I recieved my first holiday package from a dear friend whom I spoiled this summer. Two wrapped, delightfully squishy packages were inside and I immediately had to go hide them because I am really bad about opening up gifts right away. I have been so curious, though! I had her package ready to mail but we got to the post office after it closed yesterday. Thank you!!!

Gypsy will keep an eye on me, make sure that the packages stay intact till the 25th.

The person I am spoiling for Secret Pal will find out who I am sooner than usual because she will be moving overseas and she mentioned that customs is not kind to packages in that country. So she's already received her two major packages and her final little reveal one will also go out this week. It seems so strange to be this accelerated. She's been a very sweet person to get to know... I have lucked out each time they match me up for Secret Pal.

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