Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sock-ret Pal has begun!

I received my pal's name this morning. This should be a lot of fun!

For my own Pal, I answered my questionnaire earlier (It's on my sidebar, about halfway down, under 'Questionnaires'.) Or... you can go here.

Today was a really full day, already. We did our first video shoot at work and I'm glad we were able to get about half the footage we need since that went from being 'ooooh fun!' to 'good grief- is this over yet??' after about 6 hours of shooting.

I am exhausted so I have decided I need a night off from grad school homework and plan to knit and watch my TiFauxed Studio 60. I'm soooo bummed... Amazing Race started two weeks ago and I didn't know. Thankfully that's about all I get the chance to watch, with the occasional Project Runway and Colbert Reports tossed in.

I tried watching Knitty Gritty since our cable TV provider gave us a trial month of DIY network. I just could not get into it at all, and I tried watching at least a dozen shows. I don't think there was a single one I watched the whole way through.

I'm hoping to get quite a bit of knitting done tonight- trying to decide whether to do my fuzzy feet or some dishcloths. I think cabling is beyond my frazzled brain at this point. Although... I did get a new knitting mystery on the way home tonight. Maybe a hot bubblebath and a good mystery will be the perfect nightcap!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pal! I'm here visiting your site, getting to know you. I'm off to visit your questionnaire now, to learn more. I'm really looking forward to our Sock-ret Pal Swap!

k said...

Oooooh- I am so glad this exchange started!! I look forward to getting to know you!