Sunday, September 10, 2006

FO: Fuzzy Feet

There's the change in my dye batches- I think the flash of my camera made the shift in color stand out more than I noticed when I was working it. (For example, the sheet in the background is a deep teal/marine blue color)

I also can't figure out why one fuzzy foot has more distinct striping than the other, if 90% of the skein all came from the same dyebatch. But each foot looks a little different. But three washes later, I don't think the change in dye is quite as noticable (on the right foot):

G let them dry over a pair of socks and after an hour or so, they were dry and shaped really well. He gave them a thumb's up!

Final stats: Fuzzy Feet

-Hand dyed Lamb's Pride

-1 skein plus a tiny ball of a second skein (maybe 1/10th of a skein)

Time: 2 weeks, but very intermittently. I can see myself finishing a pair in a week, even with school/work.

Project notes: Easy knit that went very quickly, considering my limited time to knit. I do plan to do again, at least twice.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

They are great!!! Now I am REALLY envious!!

k said...

Thank you!!! I'm ready to cast on for my next pair but I decided to dye some yarn a plum color for the cuffs (to go with the other handpainted yarn I made) I don't want to take a chance on running out again.

Those would be wonderful gifts for loved ones in northern states :)

I think my favorite part is that you can mold them to the person's feet when you block after felting for a really customized fit.