Sunday, September 24, 2006

I lack focus.

I've done everything except touch my homework this weekend, including cleaning out the closet (which quickly because an excuse to pet and fawn over my stash and organize my growing needle collection). I even packed up birthday gifts for the entire month of October and set them aside with little Post-it reminders of when to mail them out.

I finished up some old projects and cast on for a gift pair of fuzzy feet. I wound several skeins which had gotten tangled and took me quite a while to work everything out. Thank goodness for Johnny Depp on TV last night to keep me company while I'm sorting out knots and tangles.

I frogged my red sock that I'm doing for the Red Sock KAL. I had not gotten that far along and there was just a wierd look to the stitches that I didn't like and couldn't seem to fix. Plus, the second sock is still tangled after at least 90 minutes of me trying to sort it out. The first sock took me an hour or more to wind and this one seems to be hopeless. Its taking the fun out of the KAL so I have decided to purchase some other red yarn to use and work on this slowly but surely, and maybe make a second pair of red socks. So I will do some sock yarn shopping after getting the first half of my homework done (finally, I'm motivated!)

I just can't seem to want to do my Irish Hiking Scarf these days. I think I'm going to try taking it into work and doing a bit each day for lunch. Maybe it will hurry along a bit... as opposed to being neglected in my project bag since I'm having so much fun with fuzzy feet, washcloths and socks. I definitely will be making a second newborn hat with that Shine Worsted... it was so much fun to work with.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Oh c'mon... stop trying to hide it. You just need ANY excuse to go yarn shopping. :) Me, too. :)

k said...

Well.... I will have fun shopping, that's for sure! But seriously, that pile of yarn has made me so frustrated for hours that I am having a hard time working up any enthusiasm to knit with it (once I get it untangled, that is!)