Thursday, September 28, 2006

Looking ahead...

I love fuzzy feet, especially ones with my own handpainted yarn. They knit up so nicely and there's such a sense of pride in watching them form under my hands.

I was talking to a dear friend today about all the things I'm hoping to accomplish by the close of this year. There's a few friends I'll make small items for, but mostly I am going to focus on socks and slippers (since it's already getting chilly in the evenings here). I really want this to be a Fall/Winter of socks and washcloths for me- nice, small projects I can fit in my schedule.

My other focus is Dulaan 2007- I'm going to try to donate four knitted items and one fleece blanket before July 2007.

I've decided my first project for Socktoberfest is children's wool socks for Dulaan out of some happy pink and yellow sock yarn. That, and my red socks as soon as I can find some yarn I'm happy with (or if I can untangle what I've got). I think I've found some online, so hopefully I can make a yarn decision and cast those on very soon.

The other project I want to accomplish is knitting a bear for the Mother Bear Project. I remember coming across this website last year when I first started knitting and thinking the pattern looked so hard (but the bears looked so cute!). Looking at it now, I'm not sure what made me think it was so hard... possibly the legs?

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