Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've been working on my bow tie scarf when I have the time. The yarn knits up easily, but it tends to split so it's a bit slower going than I normally am used to (and I'm pretty slow). I'm not so sure I'll have enough for this particular project, but as I'm halfway through I'm going to continue and see how I fare.

I'd definitely use the yarn again, and am so glad my One Skein Secret Pal expanded my horizons. I'm already thinking of what I'll make out of the next purchase. Someone sent me the link of a fabulous halter that Heather did out of the same yarn, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I hope she writes up a pattern for it- it's flattering and she did a great job keeping the top tight and high around the arms.

Another project to add on my list. I have a feeling, though, that I'm going to get real about my yarn diet. Nothing else new for me until I finish some of these projects and attack some of the projects I've got waiting in the wings. Between my current stash and my secret pals, I should be set for several months and be able to start most of my planned holiday gifts. Not to mention the lack of time for any substantial knitting- which will change in mid-July when I get my one-month break from evening school. I won't know what to knit in all that spare time!

I don't mind making the yarn diet announcement today since my pattern for felted clogs arrived, along with last of the stuff I ordered for my SPs. No more ordering for them, no more temptation for me!

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Flustered Flamingo said...

I'm so glad you are liking that yarn!

I hadn't seen that halter top- it looks great! I might have to try it myself with my stash of the stuff!