Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pictures of Micro Cable

Isn't this the prettiest green? I love it!

I think I'm making a bow tie scarf (pictured here) but I have to say, this is so silky and soft I might want to eventually make a garment out of it in a different shade. I've never worked with this type of yarn and am not sure what would be suitable. Any ideas?

Soooo soft! I need to hide it until I'm ready to work with it.


Flustered Flamingo said...

I'm so glad you liked it!!! Thank you for the e-card, it was very cute.

Did I mention in my letter that we are reading the same author? I noticed on your "On my Nightstand" that you are reading Juliet Schorr- I'm reading The Overspent American. Isn't she great?

Hope you are having a fantastic day!

k said...

Oooooooooh!! After reading the Commercialized Child, I immediately decided I must read the Overspent American- in fact, we were talking about it today!

How do you like it?

Flustered Flamingo said...

It's fantastic! She is sooo brilliant. Have you read The Overworked American?

I'm also reading "Your Money or Your Life," the old Joe Dominguez standby. I'd recommend it, as well.

cecily said...

Hey Kaylee...just wanted to remind you to please update your blog soon, as you are supposed to update at least once a week, according to SP8 rules.

Thanks! :)