Thursday, June 15, 2006

New books and neglected projects

I finally picked up a book I've been dying to read, The Overspent American by Juliet Schor. While at Barnes & Noble, I did peek at the many knitting books but reminded myself to be firm.

I've got a couple of knitting books I've picked up but not read yet, and I really need to do more sock book reading so I can get the hang of this! Knitpicks has a DVD for sock knitting which I may have to resort to if I can't wrap my brain around the written instructions sometime soon. I even checked Michaels for a sock knitting class but no such luck.

I have to start my suri dream scarf again. I kept stalling at the same point and making the same error, and finally frogged it back quite a bit. I need to work on my socks when I have the time to sit down and focus. I have a funfur scarf to finish (and never work with funfur again) for my coworkers birthday. And I have to finish my bowtie scarf this weekend.

Lots of options...


Starfish said...

I would recommend Sensational Socks by Charlotte Schurch..Her instructions include the 4dpn, 5dpn and 2 circ methods and they are extremely clear. Don't give up, socks are really fun!!

k said...

I've got that on my nightstand, but haven't had just a free hour to sit down and actually focus on it! Thanks for reminding me about it! i'm going to schedule some time to do that this weekend!