Wednesday, June 28, 2006

bag o'knitterly happiness

I spied a package lingering at my doorstep and hopped out to investigate (and hoping madly it was not something purchased off ebay like a book on economics or something by my best friend). It had my name on it, and I could hardly wait to get inside to open it up.

I'd like to state upfront that I am not a yarn sniffer.... usually.

But as I opened up the package to reveal a black mesh bag o'goodies, I kept thinking wow- something smells so good. And I peeked in and pulled out some scrumptious yarn- 2 skiens of superwash handdyed merino from Lancaster County Yarns & Wools.

I can't tell you how gorgeous it is but I'm going to try! The colors are beautiful and autumny-plum. Browns, pinks, plum... I've never seen anything like it. And it smelled great- I was so suprised that I sniffed it cautiously and smelled the faint scent of vanilla. So I'm sitting here, forgetting the rest of the package and wondering how my SP8 managed to locate handdyed yarn that smells fantastic and how can I possibly make socks worthy of this gorgeous colorway.

Then I peeked in the bag and pulled out the vanilla pear soap I didn't see! Boy- do I feel silly. But silly or not I can't wait to take a bubble bath tonight after my homework!! The scent is perfect- not too strong but perfectly balanced.

And SHEEP Stickers... they deserve their own Squeee..... I can't wait to use them!

Yesterday, I was in Barnes & Noble and very nearly bought a bookmark, but didn't. I wanted to, very much, but it was just a splurge I didn't think I could make. But it was the right choice, because lo and behold... a lovely K bookmark was in the bag o'knitterly happiness as well! I think it's my first bookmark since high school... normally because I read books in one or two sittings. But with school, I can only read bits and pieces and this will be perfect to keep my place.

My camera is at work, so tomorrow I will take pictures to document all the loveliness (as well as my progress on the bow tie scarf with the lovely microcable I received from my other SP earlier this summer). Except the vanilla pear soap, because I don't think that will make it past tonight.

SP: Thank you very much. Everything is beautiful. Thank you.

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