Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vacation plans...

Deep in the midst of my capstone project, I'm consoling myself with the idea of a roadtrip come this Labor Day. So far, we've sketched out a tentative plan that (hopefully) swings by Niagara Falls and then over to New Hampshire/Maine, which is one of the areas I am looking at possibly relocating. So we'll be spending a few days visiting different towns, getting a feel for the area, maybe speaking to a headhunter and hitting a few "can't miss" spots that people have recommended. Then we'll come back through Mass. and Penn. on the way back home (avoiding NYC if I can help it... the idea of that traffic does not sound too appealing).

I did find this awesome place to go, too: Alpine Zipline This is for sure on our schedule- it's 7 ziplines down the mountain and I've read somewhere the last one is nearly a freefall until the cable starts to work. Wooohoooo! I've wanted to do ziplines since I first started watching The Amazing Race and always thought I'd have to go to Costa Rica to do so. I'm pumped about doing this but those rickety rope bridges look a little scary.

I'm terrified of heights, therefore in my head I must conquer that fear. That flawed logic has made myself parasail and walk on high bridges, etc... one day I plan to hang glide and/or sky dive. The next thing after the ziplines will be one of those vertical wind tunnels to see how it feels (I'd love to do this on the trip, too but I'm not sure if that will happen).

And during that trip, I have my knitting project planned! I've been wanting to make G some Thuja socks out of Lorna's Laces Worsted in charcoal... so now they will be Roadtrip Socks. I'm pretty sure with all the driving we'll be doing, I'll be in good shape to finish them on the road.

(G hesitatingly asked me if I would be taking sock porn pictures on the trip. He was joking... mostly) I haven't told him yet that I am planning to hit as many yarn stores as I can during the trip, too.

So that will help get me through the next 10 days.

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Kristyn said...

Sounds like fun. I love road trips!