Saturday, July 21, 2007

Absolutely cute!

In the midst of all my stress related splurging, I also stumbled across this site:
Sock Project Bags- completely customizable!

So cute (and reversable!)

Actually, the one that sold me on it was this one, and I'm not even a lime green person. But when I'm stressed, I like to clean and organize and I've come to the conclusion that
A) I have too much yarn stashed away with no purpose
B) I have too many socks-in-progress hanging around (one pair is in my really nice Lantern Moon bag, and one is in a Victoria's Secret handle bag, and three soon-to-start projects are just randomly sitting out waiting to be noticed)

Making great progress on the sock now during my study breaks, and the garter heel's growing on me (I'll admit, I did consider re-doing it because I was used to seeing primarily stockinette short row heels, but the idea of re-knitting the heel for a 9th time raised my blood pressure a little bit, considering the deadline). And now, I'm coming around to it. It's squooshier than a stockinette heel, and looks pretty good.

I should finish this sock by Monday night, and then plan to finish the second by next weekend- in plenty of time for the August 2-August 7 mail dates.

I'm also in A Sock It to Me Sock Swap and I have selected the yarn/pattern, which always seems to take me forever. I think this will be my 'travel' sock that goes with me in the car and during work lunches since I have until the end of Sept.

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