Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally! The perfect stress reliever.

I've been seeing pictures of this fantastic sock yarn, Wollmeise, around the net. (Warning... look at your own risk- it's absolutely gorgeous).

The colorways are so incredibly vibrant, but with it being from Germany, I've not seen it sold here in the States all that much. I've been waiting till The Loopy Ewe stocked it and this morning, I did a little stash enhancement to ease the stress of finally finishing my class this weekend!! Thank goodness I did it this morning, I suspect there may not be any left when I get home.

I bought colors Tiefer See and Suzanne (my sister's name, so I'm a little sentimental) and I also bought some of the gorgeous Fiesta Boomerang I've been coveting. I think in Malibu, I wasn't quite awake when I ordered!


Elizabeth Hale said...

Yay for stash enhancement! And a double Yay for finishing your class this morning! Is that the last one?
That is some beautiful yarn... but I've realized just how much yarn I have from adding it to Ravelry. I just can't justify anymore until I use some up! Hehe! Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Was it easy enough to add a comment? Were you able to leave your web address or email? I'm really hoping that this will be more user friendly than livejournal. We'll see!

k said...

I don't officially finish it until Monday, and I'll be working all weekend to finish my last project. But I figure if I buy it now... it will ARRIVE by the time I am done!

And yes, it was very easy to leave a comment. I'm not sure if I left my email or web addy.

The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Oh my dear, you are to socks what I am to dishcloths! hehehe

Elizabeth Hale said...

Darn you K! Now all I can think about is Wollmeise!