Saturday, July 21, 2007

SITM Contest 1

One of the swaps I'm currently in asked why and how I started to knit.

I'm not sure why it was appealing to me to begin with, other than simply stress relief. My mind races a lot of the time (or forgets to turn itself off when I try to sleep at night). I thought knitting would keep me engaged enough to let go and just relax before bed. And I had visions of alpaca and cashmere scarves/sweaters in my head. (My favorite wool sweater at the time cost me over $85 and I had drooled over it for 2 years before buying it... I liked the idea of being able to make sweaters myself, so I would have a bit more control over shaping and color. Little did I know knitting would be so expensive!)

I picked knitting because I liked how it draped, and because I thought it would be harder to learn how to use two needles (and so I could always go back and learn crochet easier than it would be to be used to only one needle and then try to learn how to knit). I considered needlepoint but I didn't think I would ever use the finished products.

So I picked up a learn to knit kit from a craft store, and spent four days trying to do it. It never took, so I tossed it in a drawer for over a year. When I came across it the second time, it went much easier and I was determined to figure it out. I was a bit concerned since I started to knit two weeks before my grad school classes started in the evenings, but I figured if there was ever a time I needed stress relief, this was it!

My first completed items were dishcloths for the Knitting Olympics.

Then I did a booga bag, realized I'm not a felted bag person, and gradually moved onto socks.

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