Saturday, June 02, 2007


This week has been a whirlwind of productivity. I'm glad it's finally the weekend and I can stop and take a breath.

I have:
  • updated my resume, which was a huge headache but I am happy with the final outcome
  • packaged up my Dulaan hats (7 total, and a pair of socks) to mail on Monday
  • put together several other packages which need to go out
  • attended several school functions and spoke on a panel to prospective students
  • frogged back the heel on my ampersand socks (which I was dreading) and started re-knitting
  • signed up for two more swaps- one is a sock kit one, the other is a stash one
  • put together my final package for my secret pal, even though it won't go out for a couple of weeks
  • started listing out my stash on Ravelry (what a wakeup call as to how much is waiting for me)

And hopefully, this weekend... Start my Sockapalooza 4 socks with the Cherry Tree Hill (Dusk) yarn! I'm trying a new method: two socks on two circulars. While I am nervous about the short row heels, I won't have to worry about Second Sock Syndrome.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! :waves: Hope you had a good Memorial Day Weekend!
-Your Secret Pal