Thursday, June 14, 2007

One sock down!

Amazing what progress I can do when I'm avoiding my homework.

Here's also a picture of the front since it shows off the pattern better:

I just took some pictures of yarn I was about to destash but I think I was a couple of days too late! I've heard some alternative sites have opened up for destashers, but can't find them anywhere.

So I put them up on just in case. If anyone can point me to a destash site, please let me know!


Knitwise Cracker said...

VERY cool!!!!

LaVerna said...

very pretty!

k said...

Thank you!! It's my first 'pattern' sock other than a basic rib, so I'm pleased.

Knitwise Cracker said...

I forgot to ask you, where did you get the wood sock insert thingie?? It looks like it has a picture of a martini at the that why you are having trouble with your short rows?? :)