Friday, May 11, 2007

sock yarn choices...

I'm on the home stretch... my final project is due this weekend (and it's only about 40% done!) I came across this cute pattern for baby socks and I have some scraps of leftover sock yarn. So I might do some baby socks for near instant gratification.

My Sockapalooza Pal mentioned greens, blues, purples... so I've narrowed it down to Cherry Tree Hill in Dusk (which I think will be my choice)

Green Mountain Madness

or Tropical Storm.

Or... maybe something handdyed by an indie fiber vendor and a little softer in hue.

I received an adorable postcard from my Secret Pal with sea otters in various cute poses. It was so nice to find something unexpected at the end of a long day- thank you!


Jennifer said...

I too am a BIG fan of greens, blues, and purples and I would go with the Dusk, in case you need an opinion! :=_

k said...

Opinions are always welcome! The Dusk colors are so vibrant... the picture did not do it justice.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the postcard brightened your day!
I love all those yarns but Hill in Dusk is beautiful!