Monday, April 09, 2007

The start of startitis...

I cast on my ampersand socks out of STR Mediumweight Watermelon Tourmaline (pattern found on Kirsten's sidebar here). I'm really liking the pattern- the chart is only two lines but after only knitting stockinette and basic ribbed socks, this one is a lot of fun without being overly complex. I'm going to double check gauge before I continue.

You know, I've been pretty lucky with the yarn I've used so far- tried Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and loved it. Tried CTH Sport and loved it. And this yarn is absolutely amazing- it is so sproingy and soft that I am really enjoying the act of knitting itself. The colors in the picture are a bit washed out- they are a gorgeous combination that reminds me of Easter Eggs.

I have a sneaking suspicion I will be buying more STR even before I finish these socks, maybe in Nodding Violet or Scottish Highlands. Or Rocktober. It's really bad when you are enjoying the yarn so much that you stop your knitting to go see what other colorways this yarn comes in!

I decided to cast on two different pairs of socks, to prevent boredom and to have one to take with me to work, and one to keep at home. So tonight, I'm starting to swatch for Jaywalkers with some Lorna's Laces that my Secret Pal purchased me last round. I've found someone interested in making those as well, so it will be fun to have a buddy to knit along with.

I still haven't cast on for the Feather and Fan bamboo stole yet, so I'm going to try to get that done this week as well.

3 comments: said...

Love the word you coined, "sproingy," and it sometimes is what draws me to a yarn, for example GGH Goa. Heavier than sock yarn of course, but the idea is the same. It is strangely comforting to know that I am not the only person who can get almost no sleep on occasion due to stress and worry. They say that worry is a waste of a good imagination, but then there are things I want more control over than I'll ever have, and things I can't know the outcome of, and that sucks too. So at least you capped it off with a workout, and something good for your body. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with all of the socks that you knit! I wouldn't say that I don't like knitting socks, 'cause I do... but I always have a hard time starting socks. I hate the first few rows on DPNs but prefer them over the two-circ method. Have you looked at Favorite Socks yet? It's Interweave's new book, and has some great patterns!
- Your Secret Pal

Kirsten said...

I love the fact that you chose Ampersand for the Watermelon Tourmaline! They are looking really wonderful! I think I might need to get a bit of that colorway for myself!
Can't wait to see the finished socks!