Friday, April 06, 2007

Cool pattern: Ampersand Socks

I haven't knit since I mailed off my Sockret Pal Reveal Package. I've been under the weather which has just left me exhausted, so I've been more 'futzy' than 'productive'. Mostly I've pored over the stash and different patterns to see what I wanted to do next (sockwise), and started winding the Bamboo yarn for the Feather and Fan Shawl but have not cast on.

I knew I wanted to use the Medium Weight STR that Kirsten (my Sockret Pal Spoiler) gave me but I wanted to make sure I picked a pattern that would complement the colors, not accentuate pooling. And since it was my only skein of STR I wanted to be sure it was the best pattern I could find for that yarn, but one that matched my skill level. I was looking at RPM but then I came across a free pattern called Ampersand on... where else... on the sidebar of Kirsten's blog! (check out her other free patterns, too- she has some great ones)!

The Ampersand pattern is exactly what I was looking for- top down, two circulars, same exact yarn so no fiddling with math for me, heel flap, simple enough pattern for me to follow. :) And I love how the sock looks.

So now I have a game plan... and will cast on this weekend.

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The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Could you use DDPNs instead of circulars? These are nice looking socks. And I love the yarn you're using! I intend to go back to socks sometime. We'll see how soon. I need to make a hat and a couple of doilies first. :)