Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Olympick'ed out

I haven't had a chance to write just exactly how done I was by the time the Olympics finished. It's hard even now to sit down and want to write about it.

But victory is mine! I completed three good dishcloths and one ugly monstrosity which will be lovingly used by me on all my dirty chores- simply for the fact that it survived being munched by my dog, frogged three times and still I could not get the darn pattern right. It is hideous but functional, and represented more time and hard work than I care to remember. And I will use this dishcloth until it is frayed and worn, holey and faded- because it nearly bested me this Olympics and I (barely) came out on top!

That being said... I have moved on to make a panta out of my lovely Araucania Nature Wool. It's my first time making ribs and increases. I like the way the yarn knits up, too.

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