Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting Olympics

My Olympic challenge is making a series of dishcloths. My goal is to basically learn how to follow patterns, keep my stitches even and learn how to do trickier things before I attempt them on a larger scale (cables, etc). I cast on last night and have made quite a bit of progress! It's a good thing I am working on them now, since I have some major projects due in the next two weeks and I want to get as ahead as possible, in case I can't find the time towards the end. I must finish my goal!

I'm a bit sad I started off using the multicolored yarn. There's a diamond pattern in that dishcloth that I worked painstakingly over, but you can't see it that easily. My next one will be a raised triangle pattern on a soft buttery yellow yarn, so hopefully the pattern will show up better. But I am very fond of blues and yellows together- the colors are so cheery that I couldn't help but use it first.

I'm glad I am giving these to someone else- they are too pretty for me to use. I'm not sure I could bear to scrub and clean with these after all my hard work!

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