Friday, February 24, 2006

The home stretch

Two days left and I'm struggling through a dishcloth that just does not want to be made. First it was eaten, then I've frogged it several times. Finally I just grit my teeth and am working through it, even though I suspect there's a number of errors. I'm not sure why I am finding this particular pattern difficult. But I have lost track so many times of where I was, and I know I've screwed it up. Luckily the varied coloring on the yarn makes it look halfway decent if you aren't trying to see stitches.

This one is obviously not going out in this condition. It will remain here at home as our first one to use. It's not fun anymore. I'm going to crank it out today.

I'm scaling back on my final dishcloth (after I finish this one). I was going to attempt cables but now I am thinking maybe just a simple pattern, on a plain colored yarn so I can keep track of what I am doing. I've yet to try Yarn Overs or Knit togethers, and there's plenty of beginner patterns with those, so maybe I can try something new but not too advanced for my own good.

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