Sunday, May 20, 2007

What I've been up to...

Not a great week for knitting... I've been too mentally worn out to do much. I passed my stat class with an A- and with my last class starting tomorrow, I've spent my free time looking at what I'll do after graduation.

But I did get some adventure in this weekend, perfect for an adrenalin junkie like me.

It was our first time whitewater rafting and we picked a great time to try it out- our recent rains produced some Class 5 rapids. I definitely want to go again before I move out of state- we have some of the best rafting in the country here.


kathleen said...

I love white water rafting! Several years ago, I went with my mom and my sisters and shot the rapids in Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas. What a blast!

Anonymous said...

White water rafting is so much fun! My family would always go when I was little and I really enjoyed it! Hope that you are doing well!