Wednesday, May 23, 2007

7 interesting facts about me

Well, I'm not sure these are particularly interesting... some of these were in the "wierd things about me" meme that came through a while ago but I've fleshed it out a bit.

My awesome SP spoilee from last year tagged me... here you go!

  1. I love children's books and still read them often when I'm in the mood for a touch of comfort. Favorites include Little Women, Anne of Green Gables series, Narnia Chronicles, Velveteen Rabbit. No matter what, I always cry when Beth dies. You'd think I'd see it coming by now.
  2. I always remove the jackets from my hardcover books and store them separately. I do not like reading a book with a jacket on at all.
  3. The time in my life when I felt the most beautiful when my head was shaved a few years ago. It's since grown back but I sometimes miss being bald.... my face was made for it, I think. Actually, I miss it a lot but I don't think my employer would appreciate it as much as I do. For the record, I looked MUCH better than Britney did!
  4. I always pick the magazine or book that is behind the front one. Especially magazines. The first ones are the ones people flip through and I prefer to have a brand new one instead of a 'used' one. Unfortunately, I am also a flipper so I realize this is a hypocritical quirk because I will readily flip through the front book/magazine, and then put it back and select a nice new one to buy.
  5. I love doing math by hand. I used to doodle, now I just calculate figures in meetings (which is very impressive to whoever is glancing over to see if I am taking notes and sees a page full of math instead my horrendous doodles).
  6. I was the only one in my family to speak with a British accent (since my parents put me in an English educational system). Most people meeting our family thought I was adopted.
  7. I forget people's names easily but I remember little facts about them instead.

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