Sunday, January 29, 2006

New goodies

We went out to a sale yesterday, but surprisingly, I didn't end up with half the items I planned on getting. I made up for the lack of stash by ordering Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter from so I'm happy. I've wanted to get that for a while.

I came home with mostly bamboo needles to try out in various sizes, so I don't have to finish one project before starting another. I'm not sure I'll end up staying with bamboo, but they feel much lighter than the Aluminium ones I had been using. I'd really like to try some Addi Turbos, too. But I think next on my list is the Denise set of circular needles.

I did pick up some soft Red Heart Yarn to practice my cabling. It's a pretty eggplant shade which also matches some soft alpaca I'm fond of. I don't plan on mixing the two, but I noticed the similarity when I was sorting through my stash. I'm not usually a plum person but it seems like I'm working a lot from that palette.

But it felt fairly soft- much better than the yarn my instructor recommended that was acrylic and seemed to snag on my skin. I think it should be easy to test out my cables before attempting a walking scarf.

I think my Knitting Olympics 'event' will be the dishclothes. My other goal is to experiment with Kool Aid dying in February/March.

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