Saturday, January 28, 2006

Knitterly Dreams

This is the post which prompted me to set up my own knitting blog, so it's reposted from my LJ so I could keep everything together.

I am all bundled up in my coziest outfit, there's big fat flakes of snow drifting down, and my pup is curled up at my feet. And while this should be a great opportunity to work on my homework due this evening, I'm taking a break and indulging my dreaminess by looking at yarn and various patterns, and planning out my future projects. So I thought I would make a post with all the projects I'm hoping to do, to help me keep track of what's on my plate once I move beyond my soft alpaca scarf.

I never expected to enjoy knitting this much. I don't consider it hip- my sister in particular seems to find pleasure in mocking my newest hobby. But it does a couple of things: empties my too-active mind and allows me to relax, allows me to feel a sense of closeness when I plan the perfect project for my family and friends far away, and I really like the idea of the secret pal exchanges. At the moment, I'm enjoying the process as much as I'm enjoying the end products. Plus, I'm the type of person who loves to shop for "the perfect gift", and this allows me to plan out way in advance, customized for each person.

I'm finding I just enjoy the tactile sensations. I love cashmere, alpaca, mohair and all sorts of yummy softness. And eventually, I can't wait to make myself lots of warm, snuggly cashmere socks to keep my feet warm on days like these.

Learning to hand paint yarn: I love the different color variations that are on my current project, but the idea of handpainting my own color combinations just appeals to the artistic side of me. I thought it would be something expensive to do, with specialty dyes and the like- and those are available. But a surprising number of sites recommend using sugar free KoolAid on protein based fibers (wool, mohair, alpaca, silk- not acrylic), which sounds easy enough to try. Supposedly it doesn't fade much and it does not run much once it's dyed. I guess it should not surprise me that much, I've heard it's used for dyeing hair too. Which does make me wonder what on earth that KoolAid is doing to my insides! So that is one project on my list. I'm thinking of doing a cool caribbean color scheme, varying shades of aqua, light green and maybe some light peach for contrast. And some black cherrys, reds, pinks, and plums.

Booga Bag: Since my mom and sister live in central Texas, they won't be wearing many scarves or hats. But.... they love bags, and I'm anxious to see how felting works. So I'm already planning Christmas 2006. (It may take me that long at this rate) I've already picked out the yarn and now I'm watching ebay for the right opportunity.

Danica Scarf:
Yum, just yum. I like the fact it's not too simple and very striking.

Jayne Cobb's Hat from Firefly: Why? Because it simply has to be done.

"A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."

Tempting 2: I just loved how this sweater looked, so feminine! It looks simple enough to be one of my first attempts into sweaters.

Kimono styled sweater: featured on the Knitpicks site. I just fell in love with this, although I suspect it's aways off. But the drape and style of it are amazing, and again, very feminine!

Far, far along the path:
Rogue. I saw the side view and fell in love. This will undoubtedly be a few years off but I remind myself one day, I will tackle this.

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